Comprised of just 27 home sites of 1 to 2.5 acres, Blue Moon offers a wonderful escape into nature with ready accessibility to Hendersonville and Brevard.

Blue Moon’s private gates open to copious common spaces - half of which comprises Blue Moon’s own private nature preserve, entrusted to the Conserving Carolina Land Conservancy. Within these common spaces can be found mountain streams, meandering roadways with stacked stone culverts, walking trails and competition-tested bike trails, and feature an artisan built pavilion in a magnificent park celebrating the community’s most commanding view at 3,800 feet above sea level.

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“When I first built in Blue Moon in 2007 it was a very exciting experience because it was a brand new development centered within this beautiful, untouched wilderness setting and I was building one of the very first homes. At the time, it was difficult to foresee how the community would grow and progress, but today it is amazing how well it still retains the calming peaceful quality and the scenic natural setting that I fell in love with.”

Matt Holloway - Aspen Builders

"The views from Blue Moon are....beyond awesome. You simply don't find many neighborhoods like this above 3,500 feet."

Malcolm Morgan - Morgan Keefe Builders

"Blue Moon is wonderfully and delicately nestled atop Pinnacle Mountain, the highest point in Henderson County. There is something special in the symphony of natural undulating roads, breath-taking panoramas, and the thoughtfulness put into the various elements of this community. As an architect and interior designer, it's an inspiring location rich with a startling beauty unique to the area."

Tiffany Prudhomme - Prudhomme Architecture & Interior Design

"I first saw Blue Moon at sunrise. The views were spectacular as the light of the morning sun raked across the French Broad River valley below. And as I continued to look at the property along the ridge I began to admire the restraint and care taken in the protection of the forest and the significant rock outcroppings and other natural features of this dramatic and surprising mountain community. We are happy a Platt Architecture-designed house will soon be underway in Blue Moon."

Al Platt - Platt Architecture, PA

"There are some really nice golf communities in Western North Carolina. There are also some really nice planned communities, too. But Blue Moon is really different than those. It's just a nice neighborhood, built in concert with nature, that just happens to be situated on an incredible mountain next to a state park. You just don't find those every day."

Dan Collins - Glennwood Custom Homes

"On my first visit to Blue Moon, I was amazed at the natural beauty and tranquility of the property. Incredible views balanced with reasonable build sites is a rare combination. Driving through the neighborhood feels like a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The peaceful setting of the neighborhood gathering pavilion reveals a sense of community without diminishing privacy of the individual homes and home sites."

Amy Conner-Murphy - ACM Design I Architecture & Interiors

What Makes Blue Moon Unique?

Blue Moon on Pinnacle Peak is a community like few others. That’s easy to say, but spend a few minutes on our web site, and let us show you why property like this comes along, well, only once in a Blue Moon.

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Respect for the Land

Blue Moon was envisioned as a small community for people who had an emotional tie to this pristine land. The Blue Moon property was owned by a single family for more than six decades and originally developed by local residents.

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People are Talking

Don’t take our word for it. After all, for those of us with homes in Blue Moon, we are unabashedly biased. Many of Western North Carolina’s premiere architects, designers and builders are astonished at the way Blue Moon has been uniquely brought to life and are proud to participate in shaping the community.

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One of America's Best Small Towns

Recognized as one of the Top 100 Small Towns in America, both Hendersonville and Brevard are as close as you need them to be. Just 18 minutes down the mountain via private road, Hendersonville boasts great restaurants, healthcare, entertainment and shopping.

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Blue Moon Amenities

Blue Moon’s designers saved its finest property not for the highest bidder, but for community purpose, sharing its towering 50 mile views of the Blue Ridge with an artisan designed and built pavilion, featuring a fireplace and entertainment center available to all residents of Blue Moon.

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Blue Moon Dwellings

Blue Moon’s building lots have been carefully designed to accommodate the family retreat or retirement home of which each of us has dreamed. Well proportioned building lots of 1 to 2.5 acres with a Property Owners Association-maintained network of wells provides sufficient space to build comfortable homes with ample privacy.

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Community Map

Blue Moon on Pinnacle Peak periodically releases a limited number of building lots for sale. Use this community map to find yours.

Community Map

Blue Moon Location

Get ready to discover how close Blue Moon is close to everything but still miles aways from anything you've come to expect.

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May your trails be crooked, winding, leading to the most amazing view.
May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

- Edward Abbey -

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